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There’s nothing more glaring than a hole in your wall. Furthermore, neglecting drywall projects can lead to further damage down the road. Whether you’re applying the final touches on a recent remodeling project or patching up some wear and tear, our professionals can get the job done. Learn more about our specific drywall handyman services.

  • Cracks From Settling
  • Wear & Tear
  • Doorknob Holes
  • Moisture Damage
  • Kid Damage
  • Mice Damage
  • Throwing Darts Holes
  • Drywall Anchor Holes

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Whether you wish to set up used wainscoting or recessed panelling, our professionals will guarantee the setup is done carefully. Applying a semi-gloss paint finishing that matches your doors and trims as soon as the initial setup process is completed will undoubtedly make your wainscoting project look better than you ever dreamed possible. Done Right House Pros has thousands of moulding options and mixes for you to pick from.

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Why Choose Our Wainscoting Contractors?

Thousands of homeowners have trusted us with their wainscoting installation tasks, and you can! We don’t cut corners. We take our time and are passionate about the job we do. Most significantly, we are committed to surpassing our customer’s assumptions.

Hiring the ideal wainscoting contractor is vital! When you select to hire Done Right Residence Pros, you’ll have satisfaction knowing the work will certainly be done the proper way the first time. Best of all, we have the experience, passion, and sources to bring your vision to life.

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Why Choose Ely Painting and Home for Your Home Repair Needs?

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Ely Paint and Home drywall contractors can perform multiple drywall repairs and drywall finishing services to get your home looking great. All of our home improvement professionals have an average of 10 years’ experience. They’ve seen—and repaired!—just about everything:
Repair And Restoration

Painting crown molding and trim can be a tedious task. We recommend painting the trim or molding before you install. This saves you time, money and an unsatisfactory paint job. Let our home improvement professionals know if you’re interested in staining or painting your new or existing crown molding.

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The right shelves can really bring a room together. Shelving is where storage meets style. Our experienced team of handymen can build and/or install a variety of shelving options that elevate any room in your house.

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Depending on size and weight, hanging a frame can be tricky. For heavier mirrors and picture frames, you may need to locate a stud or use a drywall anchor. Your local Ely Paint and Home will make sure that all of your photos, posters, mirrors and artwork are level and secure. We’ll even repair the nail holes left from previous mounts.

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Installing crown molding properly is important for adding both value and style to your home. It’s also one of our specialties. From colonial to modern and more, our experienced and fully insured handymen will ensure your crown molding reflects the style of your home.
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Wainscoting is a blend of baseboard, wall paneling, chair rail, and molding that adds a visually appealing, classic look to any room or hallway. Your local Ely Paint and Home can help you plan and install the perfect wainscoting for hallways and rooms throughout your home. You can depend on our worry-free guarantee.

The Builder Is A Painter In A Blue Suit, A Brush In His Hand And
When it’s time to install drywall in your home, we make the tough task simple. From removing old, damaged pieces to hanging new drywall, our professional contractors handle the project from beginning to end. Our drywall installation services include:

Did a really good job at painting all our walls and ceilings. It was a pretty big project, with virtually no delays on their side. And the results were impressive.

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